About Boat Extended Coverage

What is a boat extended coverage?

A boat extended coverage is your vessel’s superhero sidekick. It swoops in to save the day (and your wallet) when unexpected repairs strike. Think of it as a safety net for your boat, ensuring smooth sailing without the stormy expenses. Global Product Protection offers top-notch extended coverage plan tailored to keep your boat in shipshape condition, leaving you worry-free on the water.

Why do I need boat extended coverage?

Picture this: You’re cruising along, enjoying the waves, when suddenly your boat encounters a mechanical hiccup. Without a boat extended coverage, you’d be stuck with a hefty repair bill, turning your pleasant voyage into a financial storm. But worry not! With Global Product Protection’s boat extended coverage, you gain more than just peace of mind.

Firstly, it shields you from unexpected repair costs, ensuring that a massive bill won’t rock your boat. But that’s not all! Need a tow or hoist/lift out? No problem! Your extended coverage provides assistance in those situations too. And if you find yourself in need of dockside assistance, help is just a call away.

But here’s the cherry on top: When it’s time to sell your boat, having an extended coverage boosts its value. The coverage can be transferred to the new owner, giving potential buyers added confidence and making your boat a more enticing catch.

So, why do you need a boat extended coverage? It’s your guardian against financial storms, offering assistance, preserving your boat’s value, and providing peace of mind. Don’t cruise without it!


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